Our goal is to walk with you as we Treat, Train, and Transform. start with Physical Therapy, graduate to ProRecovery and ultimately to an independent fitness plan.

Physical Therapy
PT is your first step in the recovery process. You will meet with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for an evaluation and plan of care, where you will be taught how to begin basic recovery.
ProRecovery is your second step in the recovery process. Once you have graduated from PT, you are then able to enter a more advanced level of training as we treat the body as a whole, not just one part.
Strength Club
The Strength Club is your final step after you have graduated from PT and ProRecovery. You have recovered amazingly, been taught how to do effective safe exercises on your own, and are now able to use the gym independently. 

Meet Your Team

“Stop guessing! Get real answers from the performance experts!”

The Summit was founded on a firm belief that true healing and optimal performance are a result of focused training of the body, mind, and spirit! We treat the root cause of your limitation. We train your body to work optimally - every time. You experience transformation as you push beyond your limits into real freedom.

you're invited
To the come check out The Summit
WHEN: 8:00am to 
WHERE: 2660 Whitson St. Selma, Ca
WHAT TO BRING: all your friends 


We have outgrown our current buildings, but we are so excited to welcome you to The Summit!! We have combined Selma PT and The Summit in Kingsburg to bring you the new and improved Summit! We've been working hard on new programs and can't wait to see you!


What do you specialize in? What should I expect?

Do you accept my insurance? How much will my appointments be?

What should I wear to my appointment? Do I need to bring  water?

What is Cryo? How is it beneficial?

What Patients Are Saying

"Wow, I have never seen a team like this! The expertise from the Instructors to the Clinicians to the Front Office always impresses me. I feel so heard and know that my questions will always get answered."

2660 Whitson St. Selma, Ca 93662
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