Peter Erickson

Owner, DPT, New Developments Director

Peter is a gifted Leader who has a passion for training young people and helping them discover who God made them to be. He is an innovative manager and motivated by helping bring restoration to those around him.

Marty Leesch


Marty is an amazing communicator who has a passion for helping patients truly understand what is going on. His energy is contagious and laugh can be heard all throughout the office. 

Rene Rodriguez

Steward, PTA

Rene is a people person who loves to interact with patients and solve problems. He is passionate about helping others through encouragement, motivation and team-work.

Javier Torres


Javier is very knowledgeable and patient, he loves to help patients feel comfortable and know how they are making progress. He is passionate about helping others achieve things they didn't know they could.

Caleb Smith

Personal Trainer

Caleb is a people person, who loves to help and protect others. He is passionate about growing and most encouraged when he gets to hear what God is teaching people. 

Erika Hall


Erika is a great listener, who loves to interact with patients and hear all about their lives. She is passionate about seeing people grow and loves to help patients get there. 

Alyssa Smith

Director of Patient Experience

Alyssa is enthusiastic and excited about life. She loves to interact with patients and make sure they know that they are loved.

Vicky Salazar

New Patient Coordinator

Vicky is a hard worker who loves to solve problems. She is passionate about connecting with patients and loves being able to talk to them about their days.

Meg Stahl

First Impressions

Meg is compassionate and loves to connect with patients. She is a great listener and very thoughtful, as she helps meet patients' needs.

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