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Are you tired of not getting the answer?

Healthcare shouldn't be hard.

We know that there is a gap in healthcare. One that often leaves the patient feeling in the dark. Which is exactly why we've handcrafted these effective programs. Programs that will address the root of your problem, move you into being more independent and ultimately back to an even healthier lifestyle. 

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is designed to be your first step in recovery. You will start by meeting with a PT, who will create a plan of care and teach you basic exercises. Physical Therapy will help you achieve functional recovery. We would love to come alongside you as you start your PT and answer any questions you may have.

Step 1

ProRecovery is designed to be your second step, where you get to start working towards meeting your goals. Whether that's getting back to golf, football, hunting or playing with your grandkids, we want to help you get there through a specialized plan of care and use of advanced technology to help you reach those goals more efficiently. 

Step 2
Strength  Club

Strength Club is your final step! You have recovered, been taught how to do safe exercises and live an even healthier lifestyle than before. We believe that every human being is made to move, which is why we have created a space for you here! Come join our monthly membership where you get to workout surrounded by professionals who can help keep you safe.

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